who we are
who we are

Omni Growth is a registered non for profit organisation providing high-quality services that are designed to help our beneficiaries succeed by creating economic value and ensuring positive social impacts. We aim to bring unlimited growth opportunities to societies, thus driving transformation through skills and development initiatives.


The organization has three value propositions that hold the success of the organization, which are: Early Childhood Development, Education and lastly, Economic and Social Initiatives.


We believe in a world where everyone gets fair treatment and is able to access equal opportunities. We believe in decent standards of living for all those who are willing to work hard for it. OMNI Growth Foundation stretches itself to reach beneficiaries from the bottom of the pyramid and support them in economic inclusion while helping them live sustainably.


Societal Fairness








Our main objective is to operate successfully as an NGO, servicing our beneficiaries and making sure that our funders are seeing value for their investment. Our aim is to engage and empower our beneficiaries in our organisation through respective value chains. Our main purpose is to add value to people’s lives through advocating for equality in standards of living, creating growth platforms by connecting the disconnected with opportunities, thus, economic freedom, enhanced education style, eradication of poverty through creation of economic and social initiatives. Our objectives are to be the bridge that enables our beneficiary’s access to better and good quality education, create income opportunities through employment thus reducing the unemployment rate. We believe our country still needs to respond to the call of social and economic fairness. We will ensure that our customers will continue to benefit from excellent, efficient and affordable services from our organisation; we will respond through understanding, providing and responding to beneficiary’s needs