Our Process

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We have a vision of a world that is open to all to access opportunities for growth and better standards of living. We are committed in strategically contributing in our country’s economy by driving transformation through improving education, employment creation and more role players in our economy through entrepreneurship opportunities.


Our vision is to bring innovative approach to social ills of our communities by planting a seed that will revitalize and sustain communities.
We aim to be a loyal organisation that offers exceptional services provided through dedication and professionalism. Our vision is to also exercise transparency and sound financial decisions to encourage our funders to commit into our dream.


Our mission

Our mission is to grow the organisational capital through culture alignment, a strong commitment to responding to social change, aligning our organization to the business plan and needs of the beneficiaries. In response to social ills, the organisation will continue to identify focus areas for immediate attention and resourcing.


Our Communal Strategy – is to ensure that the organisation meets stakeholder and funder’s expectations through creation of a shared value by enhancing the foundation’s competitiveness whilst empowering and advancing the economic and social conditions of the communities that we will be operating in. We collaborate with professionals and leaders from communities who have succeeded in their lives to pay it forward to their societies while inspiring youth and the communities at large.


Early Childhood Development

Provide support to existing day care, Facilitate Funding for existing day care, Connect day care with opportunities


School Improvement Strategies (Academic and Operational Outcome). Menstrual Hygiene Program & Puberty Awareness Program

Development Initiatives

Opportunities for Learner ship Programs, SME Grant Opportunities Computer Training Opportunities